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Marshall Stevens Project Completion!

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Well it’s been a long seven months, but we are finally finished with Marshall’s CD. The songs all turned out super and the layout of the CD is a real journey. I will post up some of the before/after clips over at once mastering is finished. So you can see the song ideas as they were brought to us, and the finished product as the song was realized. Now I will have about a four month break before taking on anything else major as our son, Colin will be arriving March 10, 2014!! So we’ll be busy with the new little one.

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Things you never want to see/hear from a bandmate.

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I present to you in jest the following:

If I never see or hear the following again, I’ll be a happy man:

1. “Can’t really invest in this band, after Nashville, well you know….”

2. I refuse to play in another band that must be named after a single member of said band. I’ve never thought so much of myself that I said, hey, I am so great we should call us “me”. Lots of gigs will roll in. Not to mention all the recognition I will get…..

3. If you say you want to invest in the bands gear, start with your own, then after getting gig worthy gear, spend on the frills.

4. If you buy new gear, buy gear better than you already own, can’t understand spending money to downgrade, but that’s just my opinion…..


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